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Mar 28, 2022 | Candidate News, News

These are challenging days, to be sure.

In the midst of all that is happening in our world right now, we want to pause and take a moment to thank you for your support of the Save America Now PAC this past year. Our organization is only 10 months old, but has attracted over 150 contributors and we have raised well over $75,000.

We trust you’ll be pleased to know that we have been using those funds as follows:

First round of candidate support for these 5 candidates:


With National TV coverage on ESPN and NBC Sports, we have sponsored two NASCAR cars this past year. In June we were the No. 15 car at the Xfinity race in the Poconos and in November we sponsored the No. 15 car in Phoenix. We were able to secure excellent sponsorship rates, driver endorsements, and foster support of NASCAR fans nation wide.


Study Groups

We have sponsored 2 PAC Study Group lunches held at the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club with excellent speakers and candidates running in Southern California. Even more importantly, we distributed significant conservative educational materials and hundreds of books such as Newt Gingrich’s Beyond Biden and the recent two-volume ”Epoch Times” publication How the Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World.


Texas Republican Women’s Conference

We had a great exhibit booth at the Texas Republican Women’s Conference in Round Rock Texas, with more than 1,000 attendees.


Other Areas Save America Now PAC Has Been Involved

  • We spoke to the Del Mar Seaside Republican Women in North County, San Diego on CRT and other topics.
  • We will be sponsoring an upcoming Study Group on April 19th with San Diego County Commissioner Joel Anderson, 49th Congressional Candidate Brian Maryott, and 38th District State Senate Candidate Matt Gunderson.
  • At our scheduled June 7th Study Group we are delighted that Brad Cranston, State Coordinator of Awake America, will speak on how to influence state legislators and get out the vote as he did in Iowa.
  • We have issued over 15 email newsletters to thousands around the country on timely topics like “We Stand with Ukraine,” “What Happens When Government is Too Big?, “Government Runaway Spending and Economic Policy,” and “The Fall of Afghanistan.”
  • Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was introduced to the PAC in January 2022 and agreed to be our Honorary Chairman!
  • We are very focused on influencing thousands of votes in 2022.


Soon we will be doing another round of funding for 5-7 more House and Senate candidates, but I need your help. We want to raise another $25,000 by April 30th to help with key primaries.

Each year, you can contribute up to $5,000 to the PAC ($10,000 for a couple). Please go to here and contribute online.

Our children and grandchildren deserve a nation of freedom to honor God and to have liberty as we have had over our lifetimes. Let’s stand together and Save America Now.

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