Afghanistan Has Fallen

Aug 20, 2021 | News

This past week has been filled with horror. The Afghan people have seen a hasty, ill-timed, and poorly executed US exit from their country and, to be clear, it is they and they alone who are now bearing the worst of the consequences. Grizzly images have no doubt been seared into our minds as we’ve seen hordes of people rushing US military aircraft, begging to be rescued from the plight we’ve abandoned them to.

President Biden, for his part, was very clear on his thoughts: “I stand squarely behind my decision.” As one analyst noted, “In his speech, Biden blamed former President Donald Trump for allegedly tying his administration’s hands, indicted the Afghan security forces for lacking resolve, declared ostensible victory over al-Qaeda, and—perhaps most baffling—placed responsibility on Afghan refugees now trapped under Taliban rule for their own plight.” Words fail. Baffling, indeed.

Briefly stated, this is perhaps the greatest in a long line of failures for our Commander in Chief — a mistake of historic proportions that will continue to cost innocent lives and erode freedoms around the world. Our thoughts and prayers are — and must continue to be — with the people of Afghanistan.

All this serves to underscore the importance and immediacy of the mission of Save America Now. We must act to bring about change. We must stand together and let our voices be heard. We cannot stand idly by while this administration continues its unabashed assault on so much that we hold dear. We hope you’ll join us. The time has come to Save America Now.

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