Standing Up To Climate Change

The radical left is trying to destroy our country with their climate change agenda. They want to raise your taxes, kill American jobs, and give up our energy independence. But now, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist has come forward to refute their entire narrative.

Dr. Ivar Giaever, a Nobel laureate in physics, has published a new study that debunks the claim that human activity is causing the Earth to warm. Dr. Giaever’s research shows that the sun is the primary driver of climate change, and that human activity has a negligible impact.

This is devastating news for the climate change hoaxers. They have been lying to us for years about the dangers of climate change, and now their lies have been exposed.

But the radical left won’t give up easily. They are determined to implement their socialist agenda, even if it means destroying our country. That’s why we need to fight back.

We need to support candidates who will stand up to the climate change hoaxers and defend our American way of life. We also need to educate our friends and family about the truth about climate change.

The future of our country is at stake. We can’t afford to let the radical left win. Let’s take a stand and Save America Now.

Standing Strong Against Tyranny

This last week marks a somber moment in American history. The forces of the liberal left have taken their crusade to new heights by indicting and arresting an innocent man – a man who dared to challenge their stranglehold on power.

President Biden and his cronies have orchestrated a spectacle meant to spread fear, to intimidate those who dare to speak out against their broken establishment. They want you to believe that standing up for our nation, for its forgotten citizens, could lead to persecution.

But let us be clear: their attempts to crush our movement have only made us stronger. We refuse to be silenced and intimidated. The very tyranny they embody only underscores the urgency of our mission.

The radical left fears the power of your vote, for it is the weapon they cannot control. More than ever, we must resolve to put in power those who will restore the ideas our country was founded on.

Let’s take a stand and Save America Now.

Supreme Court Sanity

The Supreme Court has once again proven itself a bastion of sanity in a sea of liberal chaos. Recent decisions on abortion, college admissions, debt repayment, and religious freedom have upheld our cherished values, pushing back against the relentless tide of the leftist agenda.

These victories are not just legal triumphs, but moral ones. They are a testament to the strength of our Constitution and the resilience of our great nation. But we must not rest on our laurels. The left is relentless in their pursuit to undermine our freedoms, but it is proper for us to recognize hope and encouragement when we see it.

We must remain vigilant, ready to defend our values at every turn. The struggle is far from over. Let’s take a stand and Save America Now.

Land of the Free

As we reflect on our cherished freedoms, let’s take a moment to express our deep gratitude for this great nation. America, with its rich history and resilient spirit, can still be a beacon of hope and opportunity.

Our liberties, hard-won and fiercely defended, are the envy of the world. Our economic stability, built on the principles of free enterprise and innovation, fuels our prosperity.

We are proud to be Americans, to be part of this grand experiment in democracy. We are the torchbearers of freedom, the defenders of the American Dream. Let’s stand firm in our convictions, celebrate our shared heritage, and continue to make America the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Thank you for standing together to Save America Now.

Latest PAC luncheon with local and national leaders

We had another great luncheon last week where we gather and learn about the issues facing our nation. We hear from El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells, Carlsbad City Council member Melanie Burkholder, CA State Assembly Candidate Andrew Hayes, and District 4 County Supervisor Candidate Amy Reichert. It’s a chance to gather together, hear from local and national leaders, and solidify our resolve for being agents of returning to our conservative Christian principles.


As we pick up steam with party primaries ahead of next year’s PIVOTAL election, will you join us in supporting targeted races to maximize our resources and change the nation? It’s more important than ever to renew our commitment to fighting for our nation’s foundational freedoms. Partner with us as we take a stand to Save America Now.

Spending Crisis

The $18.8 trillion deficit looming over the next decade is a massive challenge that we simply cannot ignore. While recent efforts to increase the debt ceiling may have provided temporary relief, it’s clear that we need a long-term solution to address our nation’s fiscal trajectory.
The Biden administration continues to prove its commitment to radical and reckless spending — content to pass on our budget problems to our grandchildren to deal with.

This simply must stop. We have to combat the liberal agenda that threatens our nation at every turn. Let’s join together and pool our resources to Save America Now.

Protecting Life

In the face of a relentless assault on the sanctity of life by the liberal left, we must stand firm and resolute. Recent developments in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Nebraska have exposed the true intentions of the radical Democrats who seek to dismantle every safeguard for the unborn.

The Republican legislators in North Carolina displayed remarkable courage, overriding the Democratic governor’s veto to establish a twelve-week limit on elective abortions. However, we cannot afford to rest on this victory alone. The battle continues in South Carolina and Nebraska, where pro-life legislation faces fierce opposition.

Make no mistake, the left is unyielding in its quest to protect the gruesome practice of late-term abortions. South Carolina remains locked in a legislative deadlock, allowing abortion up until 22 weeks when babies can feel pain and survive outside the womb. We cannot allow such heinous acts to continue unchecked.

The time is now. We can’t afford to be complacent as the Biden administration seeks to undermine the fundamental right to life. Let’s join together to Save America Now.

Title 42 Has Ended

Title 42 ended yesterday. This means that there will be very limited restrictions on illegal immigration at the border — an extremely dangerous development for America.

Without Title 42, we can expect a surge in illegal immigration that will strain our economy, increase crime, and make us even more vulnerable to terrorist acts.

All this comes on the heels of the Biden administration’s abject failure to protect, secure, and defend our borders. Even more evidence of the wrong-headed and destructive path our nation is walking.

This is why, as we begin to look toward 2024’s PIVOTAL elections, we need to reinforce our reserve to fight of the health and prosperity of our great country. We need to band together to make a difference. We need to pull our country back from the brink and elect leaders who can guide us with integrity, wisdom, and strength.

We can make a difference. Let’s stand together and Save America Now.

United in Prayer

In these uncertain times, we are reminded of the power of unity and prayer. As recent events unfold, including the indictment of a former president, there are concerns about the impartiality and politicization of our legal system. Our nation is facing unprecedented challenges, from natural disasters to global crises, and it is crucial that we come together to seek discernment and wisdom in how to respond.

Regardless of our individual beliefs, we can all agree that our country is at a critical moment. As we navigate these uncharted waters, let us join hands in prayer for our nation and its leaders. Let’s pray for wisdom and integrity in our justice system, and for our government officials to act with honesty and fairness. Let’s also pray for our nation as a whole, that unity and righteousness may prevail in these divided times.

Things may seem bleak, but there’s hope for us to make a difference. Together, let’s stand in solidarity as we step up to Save America Now.

The California GOP Convention

On March 10-12, Save America PAC charter member Steve Austin was honored to attend the CA GOP Convention in Sacramento, CA as a delegate. Over 1,000 delegates who love our country (and don’t buy into the lies of the liberal left) came together in a show of solidarity and freedom. A few of the highlights include:

  • Stood for opening prayer & pledge of allegiance
  • House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reiterated the party’s support of the state and the fact that hope is not lost — even in the liberal bastion of CA!
  • The Speaker outlined his top priorities this year as (1) the border crisis, (2) our children’s education, and (3) China.

In a time where it’s easy to succumb to the threats to life, liberty, and religion all around us, it’s important to lose heart or focus on the larger task. As Speaker McCarthy noted, there is hope. We can make a difference (as we’ve already begun to see).

Let’s solidify our resolve and come together to Save America Now.



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