Proud To Be An American — Flag Day 2024

Jul 3, 2024 | Candidate News, Leadership News, News

Our latest luncheon comes in the midst of an increasingly tumultuous and critical election. The issues and candidates in question speak to the very core principles and beliefs upon which our country was founded.

To this end, we’re so encouraged by the turnout and tenor of our latest luncheon, featuring keynote speaker was Trey Gowdy (Fox News host and former federal prosecutor).

We also heard from Bill Wells (El Cajon Mayor and candidate for CA-51) and Dr. Jeff Myers (President of Summit Ministries).


We’re thankful for both our esteemed guests and your continued partnership.

We’ll continue to vet, promote, and support quality conservative candidates who can make a difference in our efforts to turn this country around.

We are making progress and, together, we can take a stand to Save America Now.


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