The Time Is Now

Sep 14, 2022 | News

We are now just 60 days out from what can only be considered the most important election of our lifetime. The economy is in shambles. Liberty is under siege. And the progressive left continues its unashamed assault on the moral values upon which our country was founded.

Even liberal Democrats are feeling the pressure as they politically posture ahead of the midterm elections.

All this serves to highlight two important calls to action:


1. Get active

Show your support. Contribute to critical races. Make a point to go vote or ensure your ballot is mailed to you. Take action to make your voice heard in this critical time.


2. Influence others

Encourage others to take action themselves these next 60 days to get the word out and flip control of Congress at this most pivotal moment.

The time is now to stand against the tide of our culture and save this nation from its current destructive path. Will you partner together with us? Will you do what’s needed to Save America Now?

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