Time is Running Out

Oct 7, 2022 | News

As of today, we are just 34 days out from what might be the most important election of our lifetime. Thirty-five days until we get to stand and make our voice heard about the direction this country is headed. Thirty-five days until the American people get to speak about what we want our nation to be.

One thing’s for certain: this should steel our resolve to do what we can right now.

Make a Plan

Where? When? In some states (such as CA) the mail in ballot deadline is just a week away. How will you make sure your vote counts?

Spread the Word

Tell others to get out and vote their conscience. Vote for the direction you want for our country. Lend your voice to put the right people into office.

Give Strategically

As you’re able, consider giving strategically to support the right candidate — those fighting to flip congress in winnable races where a few dollars really can make all the difference.

The time is now. Let’s finish the race and exercise the freedom to cast our ballots. Let’s take a stand to Save America Now.

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