Christian Mayor Fights Back Against Liberal Agenda

Feb 3, 2023 | Candidate News, Leadership News, News

Recently, friend of the PAC and El Cajon, CA Mayor Bill Wells was featured in WORLD Magazine — both as the author of this month’s cover story and a deeper dive into his life and work.

In this issue, he examines California’s issues with homelessness and, more broadly, discusses issues of fighting for justice & freedom as a Christian conservative in a deeply liberal state.

Bill has spoken at the Save America Now PAC’s luncheons and continues to be an important voice for what we’re all fighting for — the saving of our country from dangerously misguided thinking, policies, and agendas.

As you’re able this month we encourage you to check out the above articles as we continue to bolster our resolve to stand up and make a difference. Let’s continue our drive to Save America Now.

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