A Victory for Religious Liberty

As you may have heard by now, a federal judge has recently dismissed a lawsuit by the LGBTQ-sponsored “Religious Exemption Accountability Project” (REAP) that was attempting to overturn a provision of Title IX that allows religious colleges to seek exemptions from a law that bars “sex-based discrimination.”

Simply put, this is a HUGE victory for religious freedom. Our organization exists because we need saving. We live in a time when several fundamental principles, upon which this country was built, are under assault — including religious liberty.

This is a reminder that our efforts are making a difference, but we need to continue to fight. We need your help now more than ever. The attacks on our values and beliefs are increasing, and we must take action to protect them. Your financial contribution can make a significant impact in our efforts to elect pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religious liberty candidates who will defend our values in Congress.

Will you join us? Let’s take a stand together to Save America Now.

A Sign of Hope

As you may know, Kevin McCarthy was recently elected the 55th Speaker of the House of Representatives. He did, however, have to make several concessions in order to win over a group of holdout Republicans, including the reinstatement of a rule that allows just one member to move to vacate the speaker’s position. This may seem like a small change, but it has the potential to give individual members more power and make the Speaker more accountable to the entire House.

We at Save America Now believe that this is a positive step forward and one that will help to strengthen our democratic institutions. In the fight to preserve our country from radical leftist ideals, we’re hopeful to see developments like these as evidence of a changing course.

That is why we are asking for your help.

We need your support now more than ever in order to stand up for the principles and values that our country was founded upon. Please consider making a donation as we seek to stand together and Save America Now.

December 2022 PAC Impact Report

A look at the where we are heading into the General Election:

Winners for the General Election

Recognizing Candidates Supported by the PAC

We also want to recognize other candidates that we supported and who fought the good fight but were not able to overcome their opponents — though some were very, very close. Most of these candidates were first-timers and, overall, did very well — some with small budgets and lots of volunteers.


The Save America Now PAC was founded by a team of conservative Christians in the summer of 2021 with a mission to support quality conservative candidates who are committed to its three key pillars and promise hope for the nation moving forward.


In the one and one half years since the PAC began its work, it has reached out in many ways, has made significant inroads and achieved substantial accomplishments

Study Groups

In southern California, the PAC hosted 5 Study Groups, which were opportunities for key candidates for office and excellent speakers to address the attendees. Featured speakers included:

  • Craig Huey, author of The Christian Voter, who pointed out that in order to win elections, Christians must have a strategy to GET OUT THE VOTE, a/k/a GOTV.
  • Bill Wells, who has since been reelected for a third term as Mayor of El Cajon, CA.
  • Brad Cranston, Director, Awake America State Capitol Initiative, whose mission is to bring America back to the Godly principles upon which it was founded.
  • Joel Anderson, San Diego County Commissioner, who discussed getting involved and making a real difference in Washington and Sacramento.
  • Steve Baldwin, former California State Assemblyman and director of a national conservative think tank.


Dozens of e-mail blasts have been sent by our Executive Director, Chad Porter to recipients nationwide on timely topics such as “We Stand with Ukraine”; “What Happens When Government is Too Big?”; “Government Runaway Spending and Economic Policy”; “The Triumph of Life” (regarding the Supreme Court overturn of Roe vs. Wade); and, most recently, “Reflections on the Midterm.”

Reading Materials

  • Over 1,000 books have been distributed free of charge to our committed and potential supporters and donors at our Study Groups and via mailings.
  • Significant conservative educational materials have been made available, as well as our Recommended Books List.

NASCAR Sponsorships

In a unique effort to reach out to a broad audience, the PAC sponsored two NASCAR cars. In June, 2021 we were the No. 15 car at the Xfinity race in the Poconos, and in November we sponsored the No. 25 car in Phoenix. We were able to secure excellent sponsorship rates, driver endorsements and the support of NASCAR fans. The races received national TV coverage on Saturday ESPN and NBC Sports.

Fundraising & Candidate Support

  • Overall, PAC Save America now raised well over $150,000 this year from more than 200 donors.
  • We supported 11 Senate and House candidates in the 2022 primaries and general election.
  • We also helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars outside the PAC for speakers at our Study Group luncheons.
  • We continue to encourage you to make contributions for the 2024 Elections.


Moving Forward

. . . . .

Marriage Under Attack

The horrendous Respect for Marriage Act is inching closer to the finish line, meaning churches and religious organizations face real and catastrophic threats to their religious liberty.

In short, the left has taken upon themselves the authority to redefine marriage and prevent churches from holding to the biblical design.

It’s paramount that churches and Christian organizations be free to work, promote, and function in keeping with the biblically mandated design for marriage as between one man and one woman. Overreaching federal regulations like these threaten the very core of religious liberty that has made our country great for centuries.

This is just another example of the type of legislation we’re seeking to prevent in efforts to turn our country back to the path it was created to pursue.

Thankfully, Senator Mike Lee has introduced an amendment seeking to curtail the effects of the bill. Be sure to contact your representatives and encourage them to support this change.

There remains much work to be done. Let’s pray and work for what’s right. We need to continue to fight, continue to educate, continue to take a stand to Save America Now.

Reflections on the Midterms

With the 2022 elections behind us, here are 4 thoughts to reflect on as we turn our attention to the future:

  1. Our country’s full embrace of abortion — and failure to recognize the True Author of life — will ultimately have significant effects on the long term future of our society if left unchecked. This cannot be emphasized enough.
  2. The rise of mail-in balloting has significantly altered our ability to declare winners and allow pre-election processes to work. These issues will be at the forefront of our elections in 2024.
  3. We made great strides flipping seats in New York and California…a huge victory to say the least.
  4. We’re thankful for a change in House leadership, but there’s more to be done. As we look ahead to 2024 the importance of voter education and supporting the right candidates becomes even more stark.

Now is the time to redouble our efforts to stand and make our voice heard. One overarching thing the midterms have show us is that there remains much work to do in the hearts and minds of Americans if we’re going to rescue our country from its current predicament. But all is not lost. There is hope for our future if we band together and stand as one.

Shortly we’ll be releasing our 2022 Election Cycle Impact Report highlighting some of what we’ve been able to accomplish together. We’re thankful for your support and partnership and look forward to moving ahead together to Save America Now.


The Congressman California Needs

With just one week left until this year’s pivotal election, we wanted to take a moment to highlight Save America Now PAC candidate Stan Caplan.

Stan is currently in a hotly contested race to represent California’s 51st Congressional District and is exactly the kind of leader we need to put in place right now.

He will fight to reign in wasteful government spending to put an end to inflation. He will give parents the right to decide what their children are learning and where they are educated. He will fight to reduce gas prices and lower energy costs that have become out of control. In short, he’s the clear choice for commonsense solutions.

We encourage you to check him out and do what you can to help this patriot win.

This is precisely the type of race that the Save America Now PAC was created to support. Stan is the type of person we want in Washington — the type of leader who will pull us back from the brink of collapse and get this country back to where it needs to be. Now is the time as election day draws nearer and nearer. Now is the time to take a stand and Save America Now.

Save America Now PAC Study Group A Big Success…Now Get Out The Vote!

This past week we hosted our final pre-election PAC Luncheon. We had nearly 100 people in attendance to hear from a number of guest speakers, candidates, and much more…a huge success by any measure!

Featured Luncheon Speaker: Mayer Bill Wells of El Cajon, CA

El Cajon, CA Mayor Bill Wells (pictured above) was the afternoon’s featured speaker discussing standing up for what’s right and the psychology of totalitarianism.


Special Guest Speaker Craig Huey

Craig Huey, nationally recognized author, speaker, and political/economics expert was a special guest speaker for the event. He recently authored The Christian Voter and a California voter guide that can be found at craighuey.com.


Stan Caplan, US House candidate for CA-51

Save America Now PAC supported candidate Stan Caplan (CA-51 House candidate) also shared as he seeks to do his part to win a key race to flip control of congress.

We were also joined by:

  • Lynn Vincent, Executive Editor for WORLD Magazine & #1 New York Times best-selling author
  • Terry Wild (left), creator of Christian News Magazine distributing 30,000+ copies.


We also had the opportunity to hear from a number of different candidates throughout the afternoon.

Pictured above (from left to right) are:

  • Mark Meuser (US Senate, CA)
  • Dane White (Mayoral Candidate, Escondido, CA)
  • Brian Jones (CA State Senate, District 40)
  • Laurie Davies (CA State Assemblywoman, District 73)



Candidates featured also included:

  • Melanie Burkholder (Calrsbad, CA City Council)
  • Tony Orlando (La Mesa, CA City Council)
  • Becca Williams (San Diego Unified Schoolboard, District C)
  • Stan Caplan (US House, CA-51)


A special thanks to all the candidates, speakers, staff, and volunteers that have gone into making these luncheons such a success throughout this year. We couldn’t have asked for a better event!

The camaraderie, insights, and relationships that have been shared & forged in these meetings will surely continue to bear fruit during these trying times in which we find ourselves. However, with the support of like-minded, action-oriented people like these and so many others, there is hope for our country moving forward — both in this November’s election and for many, many years to come.

Time is Running Out

As of today, we are just 34 days out from what might be the most important election of our lifetime. Thirty-five days until we get to stand and make our voice heard about the direction this country is headed. Thirty-five days until the American people get to speak about what we want our nation to be.

One thing’s for certain: this should steel our resolve to do what we can right now.

Make a Plan

Where? When? In some states (such as CA) the mail in ballot deadline is just a week away. How will you make sure your vote counts?

Spread the Word

Tell others to get out and vote their conscience. Vote for the direction you want for our country. Lend your voice to put the right people into office.

Give Strategically

As you’re able, consider giving strategically to support the right candidate — those fighting to flip congress in winnable races where a few dollars really can make all the difference.

The time is now. Let’s finish the race and exercise the freedom to cast our ballots. Let’s take a stand to Save America Now.

September 2022 PAC Impact Report

A look at the where we are heading into the General Election:

In September, the Save America Now PAC sent over $20,000 to various house, senatorial, and gubernatorial candidates.

As we move forward toward the November general election, we will continue to support and fund these candidates, and we encourage everyone to join us in backing and donating to the PAC and to the campaigns of these outstanding individuals.


Stan Caplan: US House, CA-51 Candidate

Stan Caplan is running for election to the US House to represent California’s redrawn 51st Congressional District. Having advanced from the primary on June 7, 2022, he is on the ballot in the general election on November 8, 2022 against Democrat Sara Jacobs.

Craig Huey, author of the California Voter Guide and The Christian Voter, endorsed Stan with 5 stars in the recent California 2022 Primary Voter Guide.

Please click on the link to access Stan’s campaign website: https://www.caplanforcongress.com.


Save America Now Study Group Luncheon Sponsorships

Save America Now has sponsored four PAC Study Group luncheons at the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club. The Study Groups have been a platform for excellent speakers and candidates running for office.

Our fifth Study Group is scheduled for October 13, 2022.

El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells will be our Featured Speaker. Born in East County, Mayor Wells has lived in El Cajon since 2002. He was elected to the El Cajon City Council in 2008 and 2012 and was selected by his fellow Council members to serve as the Mayor Pro Tem during 2009 and 2013. When the Mayor of El Cajon resigned in 2013, Wells was appointed to serve out the rest of that term as Mayor. He was then elected as Mayor of El Cajon in 2014 and again in 2018. He also serves on the Executive Committee and the Board of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and has been the President of the Grossmont Union High School District’s Proposition H Bond Oversight Committee. He has been a mental health professional in both clinical and administrative roles. Additionally, he teaches classes at a local college.

Craig Huey, Special Guest Speaker, is a native of California, now residing in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a nationally recognized author, newsletter writer, political and economics expert, and an award-winning small business owner. He has founded three voter information and political discussion websites and is the author of The Christian Voter. Craig Huey points out that in order to win elections, Christians MUST have a strategy to GET OUT THE VOTE, a/k/a GOTV.

A Roundtable composed of candidates and current office holders will include:


Will you join us? Our children and grandchildren deserve a nation of freedom to honor God and to have liberty as we have had over our lifetimes. Let’s stand together and Save America Now.

The Time Is Now

We are now just 60 days out from what can only be considered the most important election of our lifetime. The economy is in shambles. Liberty is under siege. And the progressive left continues its unashamed assault on the moral values upon which our country was founded.

Even liberal Democrats are feeling the pressure as they politically posture ahead of the midterm elections.

All this serves to highlight two important calls to action:


1. Get active

Show your support. Contribute to critical races. Make a point to go vote or ensure your ballot is mailed to you. Take action to make your voice heard in this critical time.


2. Influence others

Encourage others to take action themselves these next 60 days to get the word out and flip control of Congress at this most pivotal moment.

The time is now to stand against the tide of our culture and save this nation from its current destructive path. Will you partner together with us? Will you do what’s needed to Save America Now?