Ohio Protects the Vulnerable

Feb 2, 2024 | News

Exterior of the Ohio Statehouse on an overcast day in Columbus. Ohio

As you’ve likely seen, lawmakers in Ohio have chosen to address concerns related to transgender interventions for minors and fairness in women’s sports. The legislative decision, aimed at protecting children and preserving the integrity of sports, has gained bipartisan attention.

Ohio, under relentless assault from the left, chose to protect children from irreversible harm. We stand for the life, freedom, and dignity of all people…and take seriously our responsibility to protect the most vulnerable among us. This step is a positive one for Ohio’s children and, we pray, one that will continue to be repeated throughout the country.

The President continues to lead us away from the ideals upon which our country was founded. The liberal left, disguised as champions of tolerance, continues their quest to erode our values. But together, we stand as one to fight the tide of moral bankruptcy. This victory is a beacon, but the fight continues. Ohio sets the precedent. Will you stand with us?

Let’s take a stand and Save America Now.

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