We need to save America now


Here’s what you can do about it


Briefly stated, we exist because we need saving. We live in a time when several fundamental principles, upon which this country was built, are under assault.

of Life

Did you know?

A portion of the federal taxes you pay every month is now going to fund abortions around the world?1

In March 2021, President Biden approved the largest expansion of taxpayer-funded abortions since Obamacare in the “American Rescue Plan” COVID-19 relief bill?2


Did you know?

The President and Democratic-led Congress are unashamedly attacking religious institutions in their championing of the so-called “Equality Act” (the single greatest assault on religious liberty this country has ever faced)?3

If passed, the “Equality Act” can prevent churches from requiring their leaders to adhere to the organization’s beliefs on marriage, gender, and sexuality?4 This would pave the way for even more lawsuits against religious institutions that hold to traditional Judeo-Christian ethics.5

Capitalism & the Free Market

Did you know?

To pay for an unprecedented government spending spree, the Biden administration is  seeking to excessively raise individual, corporate, and capital gains tax rates which will severely hinder both the stock market and our ability to compete globally.6

To date, Biden is spending $6 trillion of your dollars — that’s $6,000 billion — massively expanding the government’s reach and creating a federal machine capable of controlling the lives of everyone in this country?7


You may think your voice doesn’t matter; that the cultural winds are too strong for your actions to make any difference. But that’s just not true. In reality, there are ample opportunities for us to step in and make a difference. With smart, strategic, and timely support, you can help us identify crucial House and Senate seats to put the right leaders in position to effect change.  Save America Now is a federal multi-candidate Political Action Committee that researches, prioritizes, and supports such races in order to make the most impact with our collected resources. You can make a difference.


Will you stand up and make your voice heard? Will you step in and help us take back our country from the brink of socialism and Marxism? Will you roll up your sleeves and Save America Now?  Click below to make a contribution.



Our country is at a crucial juncture. President Biden is consistently and aggressively leading our nation away from many of the Judeo-Christian principles central to our way of life and toward ideals and expressions that are diametrically opposed to our Republic.

Save America Now is a collection of like-minded men and women who are committed to fighting this cultural shift and returning our country to the truth of its foundation. We are driven to secure a pro-life, pro-American, pro-family nation that rejects the social-welfare, ideologically-driven tide being forced upon us by our current President.


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