This has been coming

Dec 19, 2023 | Uncategorized

Our hearts are heavy as we witness the tragic events unfolding in Israel. Our closest ally in the Middle East is under a barrage of rocket attacks, and we must stand with them during this difficult time.

Innocent civilians are being killed and wounded, and children are being forced to hide in shelters. We must pray for the victims of this tragedy and do everything we can to support the Israeli people.

Our government must take a stand for Israel and condemn the attacks in the strongest possible terms. We must also provide Israel with the military and humanitarian assistance it needs to defend itself.

We must also work to educate our fellow Americans about the importance of the US-Israel alliance. Israel is a beacon of democracy and freedom in a region plagued by instability and conflict. It is in our national interest to support Israel and help it defend itself against its enemies.

For a great resource in this regard, we encourage you to check out this great article by Dr. Jeff Myers — friend of the PAC and President of Summit Ministries.

Let’s stand with Israel and show the world that we will not tolerate these attacks on innocent civilians.

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