Will the Real Extremists Please Stand Up?

Sep 7, 2022 | News

As the November elections rapidly approach, the left is increasingly trying to paint the conservatives as “Extremists.”

Let’s see…on the left we have:

  1. Massive Inflation (highest in 40 years)
  2. Gas Prices more than 100% higher in less than a year
  3. Millions of illegal border crossings
  4. Total disregard for the life of the unborn
  5. Rampant crime in cities with no bail laws
  6. A football stadium full of New IRS agents (some with guns!)

On the right we have:

  1. Efficient energy costs
  2. Fighting to stop trillions in spending to reduce inflation
  3. Protecting the unborn child and future families
  4. Respecting God’s laws and design for the family
  5. Commitment to stopping crime and keeping our communities safe
  6. Respecting parents and their decision of what to teach their children

Who do you think the extremists are? We have a chance to band together and change our country for the better. Let’s link arms and take a stand to Save America Now.